Four tips for a successful office move

Moving office may seem a similar process to moving house, but there are many differences as well. Understanding these differences can make the difference between a stressful move and a smooth and successful one. Here are some tips to make the office move as simple as possible.

Involve your employees

When relocating an office, you are not just moving your furniture and equipment. You are moving your employees as well. Things will be much easier if you get them on your side as early as possible. Make sure they understand the benefits of the new location. Then they will be happy to lend a hand with the move itself. Delegate various tasks to specific people to make sure they give as much help as possible and make sure they remember to move all personal belongings from the old building.

Take measurements

You should make sure you have full measurements of the new office. There is no point arranging to relocate all your old equipment and furniture if it will not fit in the new rooms. If there is not enough room for all the workstations, you will either have to reconsider the move or downsize the office. Proper measurement in advance will ensure that there is no danger of moving to an office that is not large enough.

Have experts on hand

Transporting your equipment to the new office is only half the battle. It will also have to be connected correctly. Make sure that your IT staff are on hand to plug the equipment in properly. Your servers will need to be set up again and even relatively simple equipment such as printers or phones will need to be connected up in the right way to avoid weeks of disruption.

Move out of office hours

If at all possible, consider relocating outside of office hours. Moving during office hours will disrupt other people working in the same building. It will also cost you time — your office could be working productively on consecutive days, rather than lose a day for the move. If you can possibly move in the evening, your employees will turn up to an office that is already set up and running.

The simplest way to ensure that an office move goes smoothly is to hire a removals service that is experienced in such a move. They will be able to help you relocate with minimal disruption to your business. For more information, contact office removalists near you.

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