How To Prepare For A Move

House removals are a nightmare for most people. However, proper preparation can significantly make the process seamless. Below is a piece detailing how you can prepare to move your home. 

Always Hire A Removalist 

Hiring removalists is always a wise move. Typically, the professional organises the move and helps you avoid oversights that could complicate the removals. Moreover, the removalist offers a wide range of services that you could need when moving your home. For instance, you might need to transport some of your items to and from a storage facility. Besides, the removalist often will insure your items to ensure you do not suffer losses if some things get lost or damaged during dismantling, loading, offloading or assembly. 

Sort Your Items

Sorting your items will keep you organised when moving your home. Start by decluttering your home to ensure you only move what you need. It is also an opportunity to donate items you no longer need to friends and charity. If you have bulky items, inform your removalist in advance. Remember, they could need professionals to dismantle the items and assemble them in your new home. Moreover, the removalist could need heavy equipment such as cranes to lift these items. 

In most cases, the removalist will visit your home to establish what you intend to move. During this assessment, explain to the removalist how you would want your items moved. For instance, you could provide them with a map of your new home to ensure they know where to place your items. 

Make Arrangements For Pets And Jewellery 

If you own pets or expensive and irreplaceable items, make arrangements on how to move them. For instance, when moving to another country or territory, you might need to vaccinate your pets. The secret to moving pets is keeping them as relaxed as possible. Therefore, keep them away from the removal action. Besides, find a comfortable basket or cage to transport them. If you have valuables, ask the removalist to organise secure transport. 


When hiring a removalist, ask for several quotes to know how much you will spend to move your household. If you cannot afford the moving costs, ask the removalist to devise cost-saving strategies. For instance, you could move at night or during weekdays when removals fees are lower. Moreover, the removalist could ask you to consider backloading or the use of portable on-demand storage containers to reduce the moving costs. 

When planning a move, hire a removalist, sort your items, make arrangements for pets and jewellery and negotiate the removalist's quote. 

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