Top Tips When Renting An Outdoor Storage Unit

Storage spaces will help you declutter your home or office and offer space for items you do not regularly need. Outdoor storage units are one of the most popular storage spaces in Australia. These units are located in a storage facility that houses hundreds of other similar units. Below is a guide detailing the considerations to make when choosing an offsite storage space. 


Accessibility in this context refers to two things. How easy it is to get to the storage facility and how easy it is to get to your storage unit. The primary reason why people opt for outdoor storage units is that one can drive up to the unit's entrance. It ensures you have an easy time dropping or picking your items from the facility. If possible, the storage facility should be close to your home or office to ensure you do not spend time and money to access the unit. 

Size Of The Storage Unit

The unwritten rule of self-storage is that you should rent a large unit. Below are a few reasons why: 

  • Self-storage is a long-term strategy to manage items that you do not use but do not wish to dispose of. A larger unit allows you to store as many items as you wish
  • Should your small storage unit get crammed, you need to hire another unit or move your items to a larger unit. You can avoid this inconvenience if you hire a large unit from the onset
  • A large unit is easier to arrange. Besides, you will have an easy time arranging your items
  • Extra space in the storage unit could be converted into an office before the unit fills up

Available Features

People who have not previously rented storage units will often hire the unit based on its size and pricing. Unknown to them, there are various to consider when renting the unit. For instance: 

  • Does the unit have a proper and functional locking mechanism? Remember, you would not want every Tom, Dick, and Harry snooping into your unit. CCTV and restricted access systems are an added advantage.
  • You could need shelves to place small items that you do not wish to place in cartons.
  • The unit must be in excellent condition. Rusting along the roof could cause leakages during the rainy season. Cracks along the walls will let in pests and dust.
  • Consider units with a climate-control system to protect fragile items such as your paintings, jewellery, and furniture from humidity. 

When choosing an outdoor storage unit, examine its accessibility, size, and available features. Additionally, assess the company's terms and pricing. Look for storage spaces near you.

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