How To Assess A Removalist's Terms And Conditions

When hiring a furniture removalist, one of your concerns would be the professional's terms and conditions. So, what should you look out for when evaluating the removalist's terms? Below are some tips. 

Availability and Scope Of Operation

Check whether the removalist is available to move your items. It is especially so if you intend to move during the holidays and weekends. Examine the removalist's area of operation. For instance, local removalists will operate within your state. On the other hand, others will offer interstate and international removals. 

Insurance Considerations

Inquire whether the removalist provides removals insurance. If they do, check the terms of the cover. For example, in most cases, the policy becomes void if you choose to dismantle and pack your items. Check the compensation terms. For instance, will you receive partial or full compensation if something breaks? Besides, inquire how long it will take to receive compensation. Check whether the removalist will allow you to compliment the removals insurance with your home insurance cover. 

Customer Obligations

Inquire about your obligations. For instance; 

  • The removalist could ask you to organise a home inspection to appraise your items, identify removal challenges, and determine the required vehicles and equipment.
  • Some removalists will ask you to purchase cartons.
  • In most cases, you are required to be present on the removals day. If not, you must send a trusted representative.
  • The removalist could also ask you to look and pay for parking fees. When moving interstate, you could be required to secure the necessary permits. 

Restricted Items

Removalists will transport your furniture, house fixtures, clothing, utensils and electronics. However, they could ask you to transport your guns, cash, sensitive documents, pets, jewellery and expensive paintings. When moving to another country, the removalist will inform you about illegal items. For example, some countries do not allow certain types of furniture, plants, pets and medicines. 


You will significantly reduce the removal costs by avoiding penalties. For instance, most removal companies will charge a fine if you cancel your booking. However, they may not charge if you postpone the move. You will also incur a penalty if you are not available on the removals date or change the removals route. 


Besides moving your items, you should also check whether the professional offers additional services such as the provision of storage space, cleaning your new premises and unpacking your things. 

When examining a removalist's terms, inquire about their availability, insurance cover and penalties. Besides, inquire about customer obligations and restricted items. 

If you have additional questions, reach out to a local household removalist service.

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