3 Tips To Ensure An Injury-Free Furniture Removal

When it is time to move house, and you plan to use a furniture removal company for this task, you generally pay by the hour for the hire of the moving truck and its workers. Therefore, it's not surprising that people often want to help get their goods out to the moving truck, so the loading process goes faster. As someone who has a move coming up shortly, this thought has already crossed your mind. However, before you start picking up boxes and charging down towards the truck on moving day, consider these three tips to make sure your moving day is also an injury-free day.

1. Consider Your Clothing

You certainly do not need to dress to impress on moving day, but you should give a little forethought to the clothes you will wear if you are going to help move your belongings. Shoes should be flat, not heeled, and should have plenty of grip on the sole so that you don't slip and slide while carrying boxes. Clothing tops and bottoms should be well-fitted but not tight. You don't want billowing amounts of fabric getting caught on door handles or bushes as you move around, but you don't want clothing so tight your arm or leg movements are restricted either.

2. Protective Footwear And Handwear

While flat shoes like sneakers are a good start in the footwear department, steel-capped boots are a better choice if you have them. This style of boot offers the ultimate protection for your feet if something should slip out of your hands. Likewise, a thick pair of workmen or leather gloves can be purchased from your local hardware store to protect your hands from cuts and scrapes as moving day progresses.

3. Leave The Heavy Lifting To Your Movers

It is understandable you want to be helpful during the move, but leave the heavy lifting to the movers. Your movers have straps and trolleys specifically designed to move your big appliances like the fridge and washing machine. This reduces the chance of you ending the day with a backache, or worse. If you are determined to pick up a bulky or heavy item on your own, at least remember to bend at your knees with an upright back, to reduce the chance of back strain.

If you have any other queries about moving day and how you can or can't help out, talk to your furniture removals company now. They have plenty of advice on how to get through your day injury free. 

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