All There Is to Know About Moving Costs

Are you relocating to a new home? You may need to hire professional movers to facilitate your relocation. Engaging a professional moving company can come with pricey expenses. For this reason, knowing a thing or two about moving fees can help you plan accordingly and save some money. Here is what you need to know about moving fees and other associated costs.

The Type of Move Will Determine How Much You Will Be Charged

Moving locally (short distance move) will cost you less and in most cases, you will be charged an hourly rate per mover. Usually, the number of movers required will depend on the size of your home or the number of items you have. In some cases, you will be required to pay a lump sum amount for a given number of hours. While this option could be cheaper sometimes, it is worth noting that you won't be refunded if the relocation takes less time.

If it is a long distance (interstate) move, you will be charged based on the volume or weight of your items. The latter is usually the better choice because it tends to be more accurate. You will be asked to provide an inventory list that will be used to make the weight calculations before an estimate is given to you, usually over the phone. On the other hand, however, charges by volume tend to result in large differences in the costs of moving. This is because the moving crew is responsible for estimating the volume and it can be hard to come up with precise estimates.

Your Moving Date Can Also Affect Your Moving Costs

The date you choose to move is something you may overlook, but it can make a significant difference to your overall moving costs. As a general rule of the thumb, you need to avoid a time when demand for movers is high because this usually means higher prices. Therefore, if possible, avoid the weekends and at the end or beginning of the month when leases mostly start. Also, don't schedule your relocation in late spring and even summer. Demand tends to be high during this time as school schedules compel families to move. Winter would be the ideal time to move because of the relatively lower costs. However, remember to find out whether your movers will charge you extra to clear driveways or cover your floors to keep them safe from snow and dirt.

Beware of Add-Ons

Additional costs and fees can have a considerable effect on your overall moving costs. Do you have large items such as pianos and large safes that you want to move? Perhaps you need the movers to help with packing or to move the items up or down the stairs. All these can add to the costs of moving. However, some moving companies will include all the add-ons in the final quote so remember to check this first to avoid any surprises.

For more information or advice, contact local removalists.

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