Important Questions to Ask When Renting Any Truck or Minibus

Renting a small truck can be the right option for when you're moving and don't have enough items to justify hiring removalists, or for when you want to take some bulky and oversized items to a recycling centre or landfill. A minibus can also be a good choice for when you have out-of-town visitors and want your group to travel together, rather than in separate rental cars. Whatever your need for this type of vehicle, note a few important questions to ask before making your decision as to the size and style of vehicle you choose, and so you know to get the added features you might need as well.

Always ask about passengers allowed

Even if you're hiring a minibus, always ask how many passengers it will accommodate, as you might be surprised to find that some trucks and busses don't have the bench seating you expect, so your passengers may not even have a place to sit except the floor, or on each other! Not only is this unsafe, but you could even be pulled over and ticketed, as sitting on the floor of a truck or bus, or having two people in one seat, is often illegal in many areas. Ask about passenger limits, and then decide on the type and size of vehicle you need to accommodate everyone you'll have on board.

Ask about trailer hitches

Don't assume that all trucks or minibuses will have a trailer hitch on the back bumper. Even if a truck or bus is equipped with a hitch, you also don't want to assume that you can tow just anything behind you, especially larger and heavier items like a car or motorcycle. If you do want to tow any type of trailer with your truck or bus, ask about a hitch and about any vehicle weight limits, or specific trailers allowed, so you know you get the right rental vehicle for those needs.

Ask about luggage racks and storage

Never assume that a lightweight passenger truck or any type of bus will have a luggage rack on the roof, or that you can simply tie down your luggage with straps or rope. This could cause damage to the vehicle, and may also be illegal in certain areas. If you do have luggage that won't fit in a truck or bus, ask about a separate rack or trailer for the vehicle, as this will keep your items secure and also protect the rental vehicle from potential damage.

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