Best Materials to Use When Moving to Protect Your Furniture

Moving from one house to another is always an exciting experience. The best part is when your furniture has been safely transported and arranged in the new house. However, you can easily get disappointed when there are some scratches and marks on them. These can arise when the furniture is being removed from your previous houses or in the course of transportation. The best way to avoid this scenario is to cover your furniture with protective material during the process. You can also insist that the moving company you have hired should protect all your valuables before beginning their work. Below are some of the best materials that can be used to protect furniture when moving:

Use bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is mainly used to protect electronic devices during shipment. Every time you purchase a new phone or television set, there are high chances that it will be wrapped using this material. You can get it from several retailers across the country, and use it to protect your furniture. Apart from being cheap, it offers protection against scratches that might disfigure the surface of your best furniture.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes ensure that your items can be safely transported. They are available in various sizes and are easier to use than bubble wrap. You simply place an item inside the cardboard boxes and then seal with duct tape. The process is easier because most furniture can be dismantled and assembled in minutes. Smaller boxes, which are more convenient and easy to carry can then be used when moving. Corrugated cardboard sheets can also be wrapped around large pieces of furniture that cannot fit into the boxes.

Plastic stretch wrap

This material is not only reliable but also strong which makes it ideal for use when you are moving. It is available in rolls which help in the application process since you only have to take it around the item. There is no expertise needed to use the plastic stretch wrap, and anyone can use it.

Removalist blankets

These blanket are made of padded fabric, which makes them an ideal component when moving. They are available in various sizes and offer protection from scratches, accidents, or any leaks. When moving, nobody wants to spend the first few days cleaning up their new home. When moving furniture with glass components, you can use the heavy duty removalist blankets that offer significantly more protection.

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