Preparing Musical Instruments for Moving Home

One of the most difficult parts of moving home is ensuring all of your prized possessions make it to your new property in the same condition they left. With appliances and furniture, it shouldn't be too difficult as long as you transport them sensibly, as these items are usually pretty durable.

With a lot of your other items, however, you're going to need to take a bit more care to protect them.

Most musical instruments fall firmly under the category of difficult to move items. Not only that, but they're typically quite expensive, so there's a lot at stake if you don't take appropriate caution when shifting them.

Follow these tips when you're packing and transporting your musical gear and you'll have a problem-free house move.


This is probably one of the most difficult items you'll ever deal with when moving house. As if the bulk and awkward shape of the instrument isn't enough, pianos are, of course, rather delicate. In fact, you should tell your removal company in advance that you have a piano, as they may need special equipment to transport it safely.

In preparation, close and lock the lid, wrap the piano in large blankets and hold them in place using rope. This will protect the surface and you can leave the rest up to the experts.

Brass instruments

Bubble wrap is really useful for protecting the scratch-prone surfaces of brass instruments. Wrap them in several layers and tape it firmly in place. Before you do so, remove the mouthpieces and put them somewhere very safe.

Cellos and double basses

If you have a hard case, this should be enough to protect these large instruments. If not, it's worth investing in one, even if you only use it this once. Otherwise, use blankets and rope as suggested for a piano, but double up by placing the instrument in a large enough box with plenty of packing materials.


Whether acoustic or electric, a hard gigging case is really the way to go with guitars. Make sure the delicate tuning pegs fit neatly in so they don't get damaged, and if it's an electric guitar with a whammy bar, unscrew it and store it somewhere else during transportation.


Almost as awkward and fragile as a piano, a drum kit can thankfully be dismantled for easier moving. Stack cymbals flat in boxes with bubble wrap in between, use hard covers to protect the drum heads and make sure you keep all the bolts and screws somewhere you'll easily find them again.

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