How to Pack a Top Load Washing Machine for Your Interstate Move

When moving interstate with your top load washing machine, it is important that you prepare and pack it properly so that it isn't damaged in transit. However, if you haven't moved with your washing machine before, you are probably unsure of exactly what to do.

The first thing you should know is that top load washing machines are by and large much lighter than their front-loading cousins, thus are easier to move short and long distances. Despite that, they are still at risk of being damaged while on the back of a moving truck. To ensure that your top load machine makes it to your new home fully intact, follow these packing instructions.

Empty Your Machine First

This is rather obvious so little explanation is needed here. Tilt the washer at an angle until any remaining water has exited the machine via the drainage opening. Then as a precaution, cover the water supply hose with a towel, secure the towel with some duct tape or an elastic band, and place the hose into the drum.

Locate Materials to Secure the Drum

Modern top load washing machines either come with a cardboard cone or a Styrofoam base to secure the drum while it is being moved. However, if you didn't keep hold of those items then you will need to improvise an alternative. Fortunately, you only need to get your hands on some foam or cardboard padding, both of which can be purchased easily.

Once you have your padding, secure the drum by placing the padding between the drum and the outer casing of the machine. This will stop the drum from bouncing around en route to your new home. If for some reason you are unable to get your hands on any padding, ask your removalist for advice. A good removalist will have years of experience to call on.

Secure the Lid and the Machine

As a final precaution, in case your truck encounters pot holes or bumpy roads, tape the lid shut to stop it from bouncing open. Also, request that your movers secure your washing machine to the inner side of the removals truck with box straps to keep it from moving around.

Following these tips should result in you arriving at your new home with a working washing machine. Be sure too to keep the padding just in case you need to move your washing machine again in future. For more advice, talk to removal services like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd.

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