Packing Glasses and Dishes for Moving

Getting ready to move means packing up your belongings and either moving them yourself or entrusting them to the care of a local removalist company. While clothes and even books are quite resilient, many people worry about packing dishes and glassware for moving. Although these items are fragile, proper packing and labelling can keep them safe during any move. Follow these tips, and the contents of your kitchen will arrive securely at your new home. 

Pad generously 

The key to keeping both dishes and glasses safe during the move is plenty of padding. You can wrap them in plain packing paper or bubble wrap; newsprint will also work, but you'll want to make sure you wash everything after unpacking, as the ink can transfer. You can get packing paper or bubble wrap from an office supply shop or your local removalist. Wrap each piece individually, filling the open end of cups and glasses. You should also fill the bottom of each box with a thick layer of paper padding. 

Pack tightly

When you're packing plates, pack them standing vertically rather than lying flat. As long as they fit tightly within the box, this will minimise the plates bouncing in transport. Alternatively, you can store them in a cylindrical container that fits snugly to keep them in place. You can buy specialised "dish barrels" for this job — your removalist may have some available — but you may also find that paint buckets or similar plastic tubs also work. No matter how you pack your dishes, fill all available space, including the void at the top of the box, with packing paper. You want them to move as little as possible. For glasses, wine carriers might work as alternative containers; again, remember to wrap the glasses and pack them firmly in place with packing paper. 

Label clearly 

Whether you're moving yourself with the help of friends or hiring a removal firm to do the job, clear labelling is vital. Make sure that every box that contains glasses or dishes is clearly marked. Not only will the people carrying the boxes know that the contents need to go in the kitchen, but they'll also know that the contents are fragile and need to be treated with care. 

Tight packing, plenty of wrapping and clear labelling are the keys to keeping fragile dishes and glasses safe during a move of any distance. Take care with these steps, and you'll get even the most delicate kitchenware safely through the journey.

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