Downsizing your household: Four tips for a stress-free tiny home move

Moving your family from a regular Australian home to a tiny home is a monumental and life-changing task, and the process itself can feel overwhelming. To help save your sanity, check out these four tips for a stress-free tiny home move for your family.

Appreciate your true needs and routine

Before attempting to shift your family into a super small living space, it is vital that you truly understand the needs of your family. Do you spend lots of time at home? Will you be happy to rent or borrow some household items as needed? Can you really live without your fancy coffee machine, or will a plunger and good quality beans suffice? An informed appreciation of your family's daily requirements and routine will empower you to select what is actually necessary for your downsizing mission, while allowing you to design your family's tiny home to utterly suit your lifestyle.

Declutter and organise to 'spark joy'

This is not a simply decluttering mission. You are reducing your household items to the lowest possible number for self-sufficiency and family happiness. As such, is important that you declutter with your goal in mind; wanton discard won't serve you and your family well. Maintaining motivation during the decluttering process is made easier with an overarching ethos to guide your actions, and Marie Kondo's widely acclaimed KonMari concept may prove helpful while your family prepares to downsize. Select only the household items that 'spark joy' to keep, and organising the remaining possessions so they are accessible, easy to maintain and visually pleasing.

Liquidate to save time and money

All those possessions that you no longer need can be turned into cold hard cash with little effort. Take some nice photos, decide on reasonable prices and post your surplus goods for sale on your local Facebook buy/swap/sell page, Gumtree, eBay or other online seller website. Not only will you make a little pocket money for your move, you'll also save yourself time moving, donating or disposing of your redundant possessions, especially if you indicate buyers are to pick up!

Embrace technology like never before

We live in a wonderful age for digital documentation, preservation and record-keeping- to maximise the productivity of your tiny home, embracing technological innovation is vital. Instead of hanging on to old kids' artwork, heavy vintage furniture and other keepsakes, consider taking lovely memorable photos that you can store digitally to remember forevermore. In this way, you can maintain a physical collection of the essential keepsakes, while curating a photographic celebration of your family's journey for both remembrance and space-saving!

For more information on how to make the move to a tiny home seamless and minimise your moving anxiety, chat with local removalist companies like Caloundra Removals & Storage.

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